Thursday, August 03, 2006

Yes, I am here. I know that I have been absent for a while but things have been on my mind. Yes, I know that is why I come here, to get things off my mind but I was not sure that I wanted to write about this, it is controversial....Well, who cares. This is MY blog right? I can write what I want to write about. I started this so that I could get things off my here goes.

My Church

What a wonderful feeling it is to me to be able to go to church and worship my God. What a wonderful experience it is. So why do some people make it so difficult?

Here is what is happening even as we speak at my church.

We have some people (I call them the elders, not out of respect But, because they are older and have been coming to this church for many many years.) These people are stirring up trouble with a capitol T.

They have decided that they no longer like the Pastor that we have. They have a few reasons (all of them stupid in my opinion) like he does not wear a coat and tie every single Sunday and they don't like it because he does not always stand behind the pulpit (boring), they do not like that we do not always sing hymns, sometimes we sing praise music (what a tragedy).

They seem to forget that a year ago (after they ran the last Pastor off) they loved him, wanted him to come and by our Pastor, made a vote to get him in, voted him in and now that they know he will not be their puppet, they want him out. Not only do they want him out, they want him to give his resignation they also want the resignation of the Minister of Music and the Minister of Children...Why? Well, maybe it is because they stand behind the Pastor 100% and that just makes the elders angry. So, I guess what is going to happen on Sunday is that all 3 of our fine Pastors are going to give their resignations. What a tragedy. After Sunday the church will employee a janitor, that's it, the rest of the staff has left, they could not stand working with all this crap for the last few months.

Oh, I should tell you that (what they say was the straw that broke the camels back) is our Pastor asked for a resignation of the Pastor of Education because 1) he was looking for a new church to begin with 2) he wants to Pastor a church (and the elders voted him out because he is not ordained) and he was not coming to church anymore...Hence he needs to give his resignation so that they could put a committee on hiring another Minister of Education. Now, the elders are mad about this because even though they did not want him to be our Pastor, they do not want him to be the Pastor of another church either, they want him to just be happy with what he has and stay put, after all, he grew up in this church and the elders helped raise him.

Who knows, I just know that it is so UN Christian to yell at your Pastor in the middle of church because you are not satisfied with the job that he is doing, it is so UN Christian to spread vicious rumors that are not true to make people split with your side, and they just need to know that someday...They will have some explaining to do.

Our Pastor will be alright, as will our Minister of Music and our Minister of Children. And why will they be alright, because they will start a new church (I am praying this will happen) and most of the congregation will go to the new church. You know my favorite saying is "Be careful what you wish for, someday it may come true." Right along with "You never appreciate what you have until it is gone". Amen.


~*~ D ~*~ said...

I would do just that, I'd open my own up and leave the elders behind. I hate troublemakers!