Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Are you ready for some football???

Oh my... my favorite time of year. Lots of men in tight pants running around knocking one another over.

I am a complete Minnesota Vikings fan. I also love the Green Bay Packers (except when they are playing the Vikings) the 49ers and the Panthers (lets not forget the home team). I am not a fair weather fan. I love the Vikings when they are winning and I love them when they are losing (I think I love them more when they are winning however).

My Sundays will now be taken up every single afternoon, after church, I will be sitting in front of the television, let no man, woman or child get between me and the television set.

I should let you know that my husband is NOT a football fan. The only sport (if you can call it that) he likes to watch on TV is golf...can you believe that, yes I said golf. Does it put you to sleep like it puts me to sleep? I can get on the bed and turn on golf and go to sleep within a minute and a half, but that is what he likes so I have to either watch it (or sleep) or go into the other room to watch something else. Now it is his turn. He will watch it with me for a while but then he will remember that he has something he could be doing on the computer or something.

So, just so you all know, I need sympathy cards when my teams lose. That would be a very nice gesture. (Is that the right word there?)


Jade Rocks said...


My cousin plays for the Rams but I don't really have a favorite team. I tend to pull of for the Panthers, being in Carolina and all. But I feel like if I do then I'm a bandwagon jumper. But then again I feel like I should pull for the Rams since my cousin plays for them. Ah...the delimma.

Weekends Off said...

LOL so the football letter is one you should give to your hubby! LOL! I have to say I don't even understand the game...I ONLY watch sports to see the guys bend over in their uniforms!

Caro said...

My ex watched golf on TV but only when he couldn't find football, basketball or baseball.

I used to laugh at him when he turned on golf.

Billy said...

Hello fellow football fan! I know you don't miss Mr. Moss, but I share your love for the sport. Go Raiders! I hate watching golf as well. The only thing interesting about watching golf is to see if anyone is going to get nailed with a golf ball. Good luck to you this season. I enjoy friendly rivalry. You go girl!

Anne Arky said...

Hey, Karin. I just surfed in from Solarisgal's blog and started reading yours. I am a total Vikings fan, also -- they and the Redskins are my number one favorite football teams -- but I utterly abhore the Packers and root against them heavily. Sorry.

Anne Arky