Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This is me (ha ha - ha ha- ha ha). Nope, not kidding....quit laughing honey, this is really me.

Your Passion is Orange
Your sex life is driven by your wild fantasies.For you, sex is a dramatic performance where you are the star.And you love putting on a wild act for your lover, trying to top last night's show.Whether you enjoy the actual sex is irrelevant... it's all about putting on a good act!
What Color Is Your Passion?

You Are 74% Grown Up, 26% Kid
Congratulations, you are definitely quite emotionally mature.Although you have your moments of moodiness, you're usually stable and level headed.
How Emotionally Mature Are You?


abbagirl74 said...

I'm Pink and 73% mature. How funny.

Jade said...

Wow Karin, didn't know you were so...passionate! I hear ya with the 'wild act for your lover'! No wonder your husband is in love!

Jade said...

I'm Purple
Sophisticated and classy, you're a bit picky about sex.
You're more likely to be turned on by a fancy hotel room than a dirty flick.
Sex is fine enough, as long as it doesn't mess up your hair.
For you, sex is more about power and favors than actually pleasure.