Friday, August 04, 2006

My buddy Di over at Weekends Off wrote today about her husbands child with his X. So that got me thinking about my husbands X. I guess this will be the subject of my post today.

First, I will tell you that they were married for 10 years. His parents and his sister begged him not to marry her. They knew that she would be trouble but my husband being the caring person that he is thought he would be able to "help her" and that "all she needs is for someone to love her" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Turns out this woman is phycho. Turns out that this woman in the coarse of their marriage tried to kill herself something like 12 times. Turns out that this woman thought that if her baby (her first child) was a girl (thank God, it was a boy) that she would have to kill it because it would be born on her birthday (that was the due date the doctors gave her) and she was just sure that this child would turn out like her so she would have to get rid of it before it was born. Well, my husband talked to her therapist and with her doctor and they decided that it would be better for the X to have a cesarean on a date close to but not on her birthday even though they knew it was a boy at this time. She is just nuts I tell you. I have a million more stories but I will bring you closer to the present.

After my husband told her that he wanted a divorce (she had told him during the coarse of their marriage that she wanted one over 20 times) She thought that really he just wanted to have sex (she had been sleeping on the couch for over a year and they had not had any intimate contact) So she geared herself up to have sex with him (she says that she was raped by a babysitter, a man she was dating and her father when she was young so that is why the no sex thing, more on that later... I will admit that I do not totally believe her on all aspects) When he turns her down for sex she does not know what to do so she just becomes her old self and yells (ALOT). Finally she gets it through her head and concedes.

They move here from Indiana because this is where her parents live and she wants the kids to be close to them (hence, her father raping her??). My husbands parents also live here so after she leaves in January, he follows in I think April. Once she gets here she decides that she is going to get psychological disability because this is the only way she will be able to get to go to college to become a teacher. Yes, that's right folks...She is now a first grade teacher...Can anyone tell me how in the world someone who is nuts can go to college and graduate to become a teacher of young children...I don't get it either But, then again I don't get a lot of things that she does. Like she has a handicapped sign for her car....She is perfectly fine, she did break her foot a few years back but she is fine now, she even got the people in the apartment building that she lives in to get a specific parking place (the closest one to the stairs, that she can run up and down I may add) for her big fat handicapped ass.

Moving along.....As of right now she wants to take us back to court saying that we owe her all this money...Then she finds out that we are more then willing to go to court and she drops it. This is where we pick it up. Turns out that the children are not going to day care any longer and have not been going since March of 2005 ( $ 65.00 per week is added to the day care that we pay so that we can pay for one of the children to go to day care). Then we subpoena the records from the day care, turns out that when she went before the judge to tell him that she pays $ 65.00 per child per week in day care she was not telling the truth, yes, the day care the children were going to does usually charge $65.00 a week but it turns out that she got a reduction on that fee and has been paying roughly about $ 41.00 TOTAL per week, meaning that not only have we been paying ALL the day care she is pocketing $ 24.00 per week (or about $ 96.00 a month) in day care fees. This will be very interesting to the judge. Also, she wants us to pay for half of all extra curricular activities. Now, normally that would not be a problem but she is NEVER honest about how much something costs. She is trying to tell us that we owe her a little more then $ 3000.00 over the coarse of 3 years for extra curricular activities, now can anyone tell me what the hell she has paid at least $ 6000.00 for over 3 years? I want to know if they went to space camp and they did not tell us about it...Really, she thinks we are stupid. We have asked her for receipts and she just lets that go over her head and pretends that she did not hear it.

This is just a few things that she does. One more thing I will tell you about. She does not teach the children proper hygiene. They do not brush their teeth daily (I really think they only do this at our house) they do not shower daily and sometimes they do not change their clothes (meaning that they sleep in the clothes that they wore and wear them the next day again) She does not make the girl brush her hair daily (she has long hair, almost to her hind end) and the thing that kills me the most about this is the girl goes to school the same place she teaches... how the other teachers and children must talk.

The first time I went to her house to pick up the kids she told me not to mind the mess, she was a full time mother and a full time student and did not have enough time to clean her house. That my friends is an understatement. Her house was filthy, I sooooo wanted to tell her that I also am a full time mother and I work full time but I still have time to clean my house. My grandma used to have a plaque on her wall, it read "My house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy" that is what I go by. Her house was awful but she just did not think that it was too bad. She did not (and still does not) think that having a weeks worth of dishes is a bad thing. Even with food on them still....ICK!!!!!

Ok, I am done....but I still have so much more. Still to come!!


Softball Slut said...

Came to you from Di's Blog. I am dealing with a crazy ex too. My bf's ex wife is nutso. My sister and I both have had to put protective orders against her for threatning and harrassing us. The poor kids are caught in the middle. She verbally abuses them and just lies about everything. So I feel for you.

Jason said...

What a bitch! Pardon my English. I would have left a long time ago. My ego couldn't take my wife attempting suicide. I would intepret it to mean she's just too batty for me, or I'm a lousy husband.

Jade said...

It is a shame in this country that we are in such desperate need for teachers that we will hire people with a history of psychological problems. It is also a shame that women who have men that are willing to take care of their children abuse the system to get more than their fair share. Have you and your husband considered getting full custody of the children. I know that can be a huge burden on you both but in the long run it would be better for the children and your pocketbooks. Imagine what her son would think if he found out that had he been born a girl his mother planned to kill him! These are things that can scar children and she shouldn't be given the right to raise them! Sometime when they kids are staying the weekend or a week or so at your house, call child welfare on her. That will end the mess in the house right quick.

Carolyn said...

My cousin's wife is a school teacher and she is around the bend bonkers.

Me, I'd start out sane and then go bonkers after a month of teaching.

She sounds like a piece of work. I'm sorry you have to deal with her.

Pink said...

See, I am not the only crazy person out there! LOL Just kidding. I have NEVER even thought about killing my kids.

I am sorry that you are having to deal with this. It is a difficult situation. I wish you all the best.

And thanks for your support!