Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day !!!
Hope everyone is having a nice Valentines Day. I think that Valentines Day is mostly for girls, what do you think? I mean, guys like presents too but I don't think they like them as much as girls do and I don't think that they care as much as girls do.
My husband and myself do little for Valentines day. We don't make a huge deal about it, I also think Valentines Day is mostly for newly married or boyfriend/girlfriend (or boyfriend / boyfriend, girlfriend / girlfriend) relationships.
Tonight my husband has something planned. He wrote me a poem....wanna hear it???? Hmmmmm I don't know how he would feel about me sharing it here.... oh, what the heck, I am sure that he would not mind and besides although he does know about this blog he does not come here (that I know of).
Ok, Here goes:
It's Valentines Day and I'm ready for love,
Your mind, body and spirit will fly like a dove.
Imagine if you will as you enter our house,
Soft music is playing as I cook for my spouse.
There's candles for lighting around our table tonight,
I want the romance to come off just right.
We enjoy a great mean and conversation too,
We talk about the past, how our dreams have come true.
We walk hand in hand to retire for the night,
The anticipation is climbing higher then a kite.
We kiss, massage and slowly undree,
Your spine tingles with each sweet caress.
We finally reach the point where our bodies unite,
The pace races faster 'til we explode with delight.
We collapse in each others arms with hearts full of joy,
And thank God for our marriage that no one can destroy.
Now really....isn't that one of the best poems ever :)
He is sooooo gonna get some tonight!!