Thursday, August 31, 2006

This little girl shows it all, this is exactly how I feel today.

One month ago today my boss (after an important inspection, which by the way went fantastic) walked out of the office and told me that he would see me on Monday. He has not returned. We all wondered where he was the first week, the second week, we knew one of the guys had talked to him, last week I called him at home. I got his machine and I was just leaving a message....You know the kind....Hi, it's me, Karin.....I just wanted to let you know that I miss you and I really really want you to come back to work.....and also, if you don't hurry I will choke the shit out of Mike and AJ...then he picked up the phone.

He was diagnosed with severe depression the first week that he was gone. But he did not call, his wife did not one called. He said that he was feeling much better, said that if he did not come back to work that week he would for sure see me on Monday. Monday came and Darryl. Tuesday, Wednesday and now Thursday and still no Darryl. I am just so sad about it. I really really like my boss.

Now between the chief inspector and the other dude (I am not sure what his title is but I am sure that he does have one) are killing me. They are wanting me to do things (with files etc.) but they each want them done their own way.....totally opposite from the other. Telling me "don't do it this it this way"..........ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

I just want Darryl to come back to work so that I can look at them and say "Darryl told me to do it this way"

I should tell you that Darryl is not the owner of this company but he is high up there. I think the owners are getting a little mad that he is not here, They understand why he has not been here but really.......Darryl.....if you are out there and you are reading this.....yeah right......please call into work and let us know that you are ok and also if you are ever coming back.

I miss you.


Jade said...

Depression is a hard thing to overcome. Take it from me, I seem to be inherently depressed. When you have sunk into this depressive state, nothing anyone says can help. Everyone around you can tell you that they love you and miss you and all you hear is pity and desperation. It seems that they are merely trying to get you to not ruin their good mood. I know that isn't how you are, or anyone for that matter. That is just the way it seems in your mind when you are depressed. After a year though it seems as though some meds or something would be helping him? Just keep in touch and let him know that you really do care. Eventually it will click in his head that you are a truely caring person and he will love you forever! As I do...

Jade said...

Edit: I thought he had been out a year, not a month. Oopsie. His meds should just now be starting to kick in and I'm sure he will be back in no time. That is assuming he is on meds.

shattered said...

Depression sucks! ANd I am another that is speaking from experience.

The best thing you can do is exactly what you have done.....offer your support and make your boss aware that you care about him and his welfare.

Jade is right about the meds though so hopefully he will be back at work soon.

The trouble with depression is that there is still such a huge stigma attached, hence the reason neither him nor his wife called.

YoMomma203 said...

Oh no, I hope he makes it back.

~*~ D ~*~ said...

Any updates on the boss yet? I hope he comes back soon!