Thursday, August 24, 2006

I am at work right now and I am so board!! There is absolutely nothing for me to do. I have already played games on pogo, I have read all the blogs that I read daily (29 of them), done all my paperwork for the day, visited with some of the boys from the floor that have "just dropped by my office", ate lunch....What else is there to do???? I can't go home early because daughter #2 just got a job as the assistant manager of Toco Bell (WhOoOoOo, gotta love that Toco Bell) and her car was not running right so I had her drop me off at the office and told her to pick me up at 5 (she gets off at 3). Soooo here I sit. I am trying to think about something to talk about.

Hmmmmmm still thinking..........

Well, lets see.....I think I will tell you about my old job. I was working at a automotive paint store. I started working there as a driver (I would go in at 9, pack boxes and bill customers until 11 and then go out on my route). One snowy day (I was in Wisconsin) I was delivering into Minnesota when a blizzard came. It was slow going on the freeway. I should stop and tell you here that I did NOT drive in the snow. I had my license for over 10 years at this time and I had never driven in a blizzard. I just did not do it. If there was ice on the ground, I was not driving. I had this job that required me to drive. So, here I was going 15 mph on the freeway....and all of a sudden I hit a patch of black ice. I spun in the little Toyota truck my work had provided for me and when I stopped spinning the back end was over the ditch, I had just missed it by inches. I pull out and drive very very slowly back to work.
The next day is when my boss asked me to come in house and do secretarial stuff. I thought about it for a few days (I knew I would probably take it, but I also knew that I would miss the guys that I delivered to on a daily basis.) Let me tell you, I have never had such a fun job in all of my life. My bosses were wonderful, always in a good mood (well, most of the time) and we were always playing tricks on each other.
Like the time when I had just bought new shoes and took them off in my office (they were hurting my feet) my boss came in, took my shoes (they were tennis shoes) went into the bathroom, filled them with water and came back into my office, put them down on the floor and walked away. Now, I know some of you are saying "OMG, I would be pissed". But, this was funny to me. He was always playing some kind of prank. Now, he did come back into my office, get my shoes, empty the water (I believe on the floor, again this was too funny) and go and get some paper towels to dry my shoes out. They were fine. He even asked if he needed to buy me new shoes (No, that was not necessary).
Another time it was our store manager's birthday, so I waited for him to go home and then decorated his entire office, balloons, crepe paper, the whole 10 yards. Oh yeah, and we turned everything over in his office. Everything except his desk (and anything that would break) was upside down.
The parties that we had were the best company parties I have ever been to. Now, you all know that I am not a drinker but on the "Pro Paint Parties" I was known to knock back a few. Ok, I got really drunk, flirted with everyone and was the life of the party (at least I thought so) I miss those parties, man I miss those guys.

So, just a little bit about where I used to work....way to much fun and I miss it an awful lot. I think if my X would have just left me alone....if things would have been different....If I could of convinced my now husband to live in Wisconsin, I would still be there, still doing what I do best (flirting with the boys) and still loving my job.

On a side note, I also love my job that I have now. I work again with all men, although these men are airplane mechanics but they will never be Pat, Mike, Ron, Keith, Brad, Fran, Joe, Hanley, Russell and the rest of the boys. I love you all and I miss you.


Pink said...

Isn't it great working with a lot of men? I work with about 70 men and it is nice to be able to be casual around them AND flirt!

abbagirl74 said...

You get to look on the internet while you are at work? Lucky! I would be fired if I did that. They monitor everything!

Karin's Korner said...

Pink - I absolutly think it is wonderful to work with all men. When I worked with all women, I hated it. They gossip, backstab and stay mad longer than you would think possible. Don't get me wrong, men gossip also just not as bad.

Abbagirl- I pretty much stay on the internet most of the day. I do have work to do but when I am done, I am done. I can really kinda do whatever I want as long as I stay busy and as long as I take the internet down when someone comes into my office. It rocks!!!