Friday, June 16, 2006

Well, I am not so sure what I am doing but I think it is time for me to start a blog. I will start by telling everyone a little about myself. I am married to a very wonderful man, I have been married for almost 4 years now, I have 3 biological children J - a son who is 25, has a wonderful but very blonde sometimes girlfriend (T) and they have 2 wonderful children, JAM is a bright little girl who will be 4 next month and DAM is a very cute little boy who is 6 weeks old. My second child E - is 22 lives in another state and has a little boy (K) who is 3, my youngest (S) is 18, she has a son AJ who will be 7 months shortly. I also have 2 step children, S is 12 and A is 9, they currently live with their mother but eventually they will want to come and live with us. Their mother will start driving them as nuts as she drives us, that is a whole different thing to blog about and I am sure that I will.
Now, let me explain something. In our home, every stinking one of these children live with us except for the 3 fore mentioned. We have given them a deadline of July 1 to move (the family of 4) and hopefully they will stick with that. I think in the 6 years that we have lived in NC, J and T have moved back in with us 4 or 5 times, twice we moved out of the house/apartment and let them have it. So, this time it is different. We cannot move, our house is provided by my husbands place of employment so it is time for the ADULT CHILDREN to MOVE!! Now, don't get me wrong, if they do not have a place to go, I am not going to make them live on the streets. I love my children and especially my grandchildren (I always heard grandchildren are better and I have to agree) but they are adults and it is time that they start acting like adults and get their own place. I think that if they are old enough to make babies, they should be old enough to take care of these wonderful babies. S is still in school so she can stay for a while.
So, that is some background. Thanks for stopping by. I will write more when I can.


Weekends Off said...

Wow that's a lotta kids to keep track of! How wonderful, grandkids are better IMO.

I think you're doing the right thing. Give them a deadline and stick to it!!!