Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I think this is the site where you can read about my X's brother.

Now on to better news....I am going to California and Vegas next month.

My sister called me about a month ago and asked me if I would come out for her birthday, all expenses paid. She said this is what she wants for her birthday. She asked if I could get the time off. Well, I told you all that I do have the best boss. And of coarse it is no problem to get time off. Then she calls me and asks if I want to go and see John Edward you know, the phychic dude. I said that would be great, she says it is $ 175.00 per ticket, I said ouch, she says no, I am paying for the tickets, do you want to go to San Diego, San Francisco or one other place. Me? I don't care, I just know it is going to be a blast and I want to go. So, she calls me a few hours later and says that they are all sold out. Said that she is going to look around and see what she can come up with.

She calls me back the next day and said "instead of coming in September, could you come in July?" I told her that I could probably work that out and she told me that she could get tickets in Vegas for John Edward and that we could stay there for a few days. WOW !!

How much fun do you think we are going to have??? Next she calls me and tells me to look at this place we will be staying at. It is called the Wynn Las Vegas, go ahead and take a look at it under, scroll down to Wynn Las Vegas and take a look at the panoramic view rooms, they are incredible, I am so excited.

Now, let me tell you about last night. First, I have told you that I gave my son, his fiancee and there children the date of July 1st to find somewhere. They are old enough to make babies, they are old enough to support babies and live on their own. Well, we found out last night that they have not saved any money except what they have given to us to hold for them ($ 160.00) now tell me, where in the world are they going to move on that amount of money? Then they say that well.......They think they might be going back to Wisconsin for a few months. My son has a friend that they can stay with and he can get him a job making pretty good money. They think they can make money, send at least half back to us and then in 3 months they will have the money for a place and some put away so that they can find jobs again. Here is my problem with that (maybe I am being a little selfish but shoot, I really don't care if I am or not) I think that if they move, they probably won't be coming back to North Carolina. My son's fiancee's mom and dad live in Wisconsin. I also think that they are not taking my grandchildren away from me like that. Now, if I could be sure that they would come back, I think I would be alright with it. (Probably not) but it brings tears to my eyes when I think they are going to take my babies away from me. You have to know that their daughter is going to be 4 this year and she is very close to me, or maybe I should say that I am very close to her either way it will not be good for either of us. Regardless, I don't want them to go. I already have a grandson there that I never get to see, although I just talked to my daughter and I am still trying to convince her to come home.

OK, enough ranting. I will end now and try and think of something for my next post.


Caro said...
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Anonymous said...

Have fun in Vegas.

John Edwards is neat. It sounds like a blast.

Weekends Off said...

I love John Edwards!!! I am so jealous! I've wanted to see him for a loooonnnnngggggg time and have him read me!

Oh, I hope someone good from the other side tries to contact you in Vegas!

Sorry about the kids moving to Wisconsin....I hope it's not permanent!

Jade Rocks said...

Wait, I'm confused. You want your son to move out but you want him to move out near you? So if he has the opportunity to move out and get off your back you should be thrilled right? I know that you will miss your grand kid but you can't really give him terms like 'you need to move out but only if its near me'. I'm not trying to come across rude or whatever I'm just looking at it from the perspective of someone that doesn't know either of you. There could be more to this story, but I'm just goingon what I've read so far. Also, if they aren't saving money and they are living with you, what are they doing with their money?

Maybe John Edwards can give you some perspective on this...Hahaha! It's pretty cool that your sister is paying for you to go out on her birthday! I wish my sister rocked like that.