Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A new day...

Did you ever wonder how some people can be so nice and others can be cruel if you just look at them the wrong way?

First, let me brag a little about the boss that I have now. He is so good. There is nothing that I cannot talk to him about. He genuinely cares for his people.

Now, let me tell you about the icky boss that I used to have. He thought he was about everyone. Thought he could look down on people because they did not have the money that he has. The last Friday that I worked for him I was on the computer getting the numbers for all the stores that he has and figuring out how much each store made for the that week. He called me and asked me if I was finished yet and I tried to explain to him that my computer had crashed so I was having to do it all by hand, it would take a little while longer and I would let him know when I was done.

He asked to speak to another employee and said that he would talk to me later. When she was done talking to him he had her send him back to me and I tell you...I saw that wrath. He SCREAMED at me that he needed those numbers and he had told me to get it done and G** Da** it when he tells me to do something I am to do it right then. I tried to explain to him once again that I was working on it but he just kept screaming and cursing at me. By this time I was in tears (yes, I am a baby that way) and finally just hung up the phone.

Now, it just so happened that this day was also the day that we (the entire office) got together to send out statements (about 600) of them, this means we had to attach all invoices to the statements, fold them, stick them in an envelope and then I would get them all together and bring them in the mail room, send them through the machine that would lick and stick them and I would bundle them all together to take to the post office. So because of this I decided that I would stay and help with statements but when we were done I was leaving.

The next Monday morning he called me into his office (silly me, I thought he was going to appoligize to me) he sat me down and told me that if I told anyone what had happened there I would be fired immeadiately. Needless to say I just walked back to my desk, cleaned it out and walked out of the office.

It was a fun place to work when he was not around but boy oh boy when he was there it was like he wanted everyone to bow down to him. Hindsight always being 20/20, I just wanted to call him and tell him that no matter how much money you have, this will not get you to Heaven. When we get to the pearly gates, he will have some explaining to do.

So, if you are ever in North or South Carolina, I will warn you about going to Black's Tire Service or dealing with Mr. Ricky Benton. Now, let me tell you one more thing quickly, the rest of his family is supurb. He has 3 sons, a very nice wife (who in my opinion he treats like dirt) and best of all he has a daughter in law who is married to the oldest son. She is like sunshine. But the father is a big puke.


Caro said...

I worked for a woman like that once. She was a you-know-what.

Weekends Off said...

Don't worry, Karma will take care of him.

I worked at a doctors office for a few months as a temp. The doctors wife was the office manager. She screamed at a nurse once for yawning! Yawning!!! Can you believe she tried to make it a rule that no yawning was allowed?