Thursday, June 22, 2006

Well, here it is....Thursday and I don't have any idea what to write about. I think I will tell you a little about myself.

I grew up in Minnesota (and I will be a Vikings fan to the end). My family moved to California in 1979, what a stinking thing to do when your child is in high school. I thought I would "just die" so I stayed in Minnesota with my grandma (bless her heart). Well, you know what happens when your parents are not around, you ALWAYS get into trouble. I did some crazy things and a judge told me that I would have to go to California and live with my parents and not come back to Minnesota until I was at least 21 years old. (I don't know if he could do that or not but because the police brought me to the airport and put me on a plane, I was going to California). I gave my parents such grief, I feel bad about it now, but hindsight is always 20/20.

I started seeing this "boy" when I was 17 and ended up getting pregnant, then I found out that this "boy" was 25 not 18 like he told me. I ended that relationship quick, ICK, I was 17 and I was not going to be with an old man that was 25 and besides, he lied to me about his age. I didn't care that I was going to give birth to his child, shame on him for doing that to me and I just thought that I was old enough and smart enough to handle it myself.

I started letter writing (no e-mail in those days) to an X boyfriend of mine in Minneapolis, he was in Washington at the time, in a Job Corp, getting his stuff together. We wrote quite often and developed more of a friendship.

When he was done at Job Corp he came to California, we got married 4 days after I turned 18 and we promptly moved back to Minnesota. Please it there are any girls out there that read this DO NOT get married when you are 18. He did not want to work, I can't remember the exact reasons but we lived with his mother and she did not get on him to get a job and he complained that it was winter and he had just studied to be a carpenter so there was no work for him. I got the job, he stayed at home with my son (who he eventually adopted when he was 4).

We eventually had 2 more kids (both girls). He was always such a butthead, always had to have everything his way, made me feel like shit all the time, like I was not worth anything. He always said "my way or the highway" like it was something special.

When I had our first daughter, things were pretty good between us. She was wonderful and my son was very proud. When she got to be about 2 and the son was like 3 1/2, My X had an affair. I can remember it like it was yesterday. We had decided that we would go to Iowa to see my relatives. We were having a 3 day weekend or something like that. He was working nights at a plastic factory and so we were going to leave at about 8 in the morning when he got home from work. Well, I waited and waited and he never came home. Now this was before cell phones so I had called everywhere I could think of and nothing!! Now remember, this was on a Friday morning. He finally came home on Tuesday. He comes waltzing in the house, happy as a clam, hickeys all over his neck. I ask him where he has been and he just blows me off. Goes into the bedroom, takes his dresser, puts it in the car and leaves. What an ass. We were staying with his mom so here I was with 2 kids, living with my husbands mother and he is moving out. I was completely devastated. He was gone approximately 2 or 3 weeks and then came home. I took him back, why you ask....Because I was sooooo stupid!!

Ok, that was just a little of my life, it gets so much better.....Stay tuned


Unknown said...

From one NC girl to another....Hello! haha. I'm staying tuned....

Caro said...

Well I know you left him eventually.


Billy said...

Hey chickie,
Thanks for the comments on my blog. You're right, your boss was an ass. What are you doing now?

I am in charge of myself for the most part. Everyone has someone they have to answer to. Anyway, it is really hard to have fun sometimes when you are overworked. But by reading your previous posts, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Anyway, I am glad you responded. Keep in touch. It's always nice to have a support system.

Best regards,

Sparky said...

I've known a couple of boys/men like that too. I'm staying tuned for sure!