Monday, June 26, 2006

Good Monday Morning to everyone !!

I had to go back and read what I had written on Friday, I did not want to start all over again. So I left you with him telling me to "Get the F out". I know that he did not mean it and I for sure know that he never expected me to take him up on that offer but, me being me with BIG balls I finally told him that I was leaving. I would be looking for an apartment for me and the kids but for now I would be going to stay with my best friend in the whole world Tammy ( she does not know about this blog but she will someday and just so she knows....I love you Tam!!). I told him that I would tell the children (I should tell you here that ALL of the children had in the last year or so asked me why I stayed with him) My oldest was 19 and not living with us any longer (because the X threw him out of the house, but that is another post for another day) my middle girl was 17 and my youngest was 14. Ok, I am getting off coarse here so let me continue.

I packed a few things and left the house. The next day I went to work and at about 10:30 in the morning I got a call from my X. He was very very lethargic and I knew it was going to be trouble. I left work and went to his house (yes, I called it his house even when we were together because even though we were married when we bought the house he NEVER referred it to as our house). I walked in and called his name, no answer. I went upstairs to the bedroom and he was sitting in front of the door and would not move so that I could get inside the bedroom and talk to him. I told him that if he did not talk to me I was going to call the police, he still would not answer me so I knew that either he was playing a game or he could not answer me. I went downstairs to the phone and picked it up, he had the upstairs phone off the hook so I could not call out. I yelled at him to hang up the phone....No response. I left the house and went to the convience store down the road and used a payphone to call 911. I told them that I had left my husband and I thought he was trying to kill himself or something. The police met me at the store and followed me to his house. When we walked in my X was sitting at the desk looking like hell. Yes, he had come downstairs all by himself, but did not think that I would really go and get the police. They talked to him and told him they were going to call for an ambulance because he could not even speak (turned out he had drank a bottle of Bacardi Rum and took some pills). He went to the 4th floor at the hospital (the looney bin) and had to stay for 5 days.

Soooo - I had to move back to the house, but that was OK, because he was not there. He would not take my phone calls the first day he was there. I really didn't care, I really thought this was all done just to get me back in the house. The second day the nurse called me and asked me to bring him some clothes, a toothbrush, comb etc. and said that he would like to see me. I really did not want to go....I dreaded going.....I was NOT going to feel sorry for him. But, me and the kids (all of them, including my son, who my X had not talked to since he kicked him out... Don' t think for a minute that my son did not come over to the house, he did, my X just did not talk to him, he would go into another room when he was there) Well, my X knew one of our biggest problems was how he treated my son. So when we got to the hospital the X was all hugs for everyone, just as happy as he could be. (GREAT BIG PUKE HERE). He told me that he would be getting out in a few days and that we hoped we could sit down and talk about things then. I said that would be fine. I knew that I was still leaving but I did want him to get better.

When I got to the house that afternoon my brother in law Mike, called me. Now, I had not called any of my X's family to let them know about him because I thought it would be up to the X to tell his family, not me. Mike wanted to know if I had heard anything from their other brother Jim or his fiancee (Shelby) lately. I told Mike that I had not spoken to them since Christmas (this was in April). Mike told me that both Jim and his fiancee were missing. Said Shelby's sister had come over to Mike's house and asked if Mike would go with her to Jim and Shelby's house to check it out. Let me back up a little here and give you some information that you will need. Jim (who I love dearly) had become addicted to crack. His fiancee Shelby was doing everything that she could to get him away from the drug and it seemed like she could for a while but then the devil would rear his ugly head and Jim would go back onto it again, it was a vicious cycle. Jim was wonderful when he was away from it but he was a totally different person when he was doing crack and that is why we chose to stay away from him for awhile. We knew at Christmas that he was using again. Mike said that Shelby's sister thinks something happened to them and she had filed a missing persons report. Mike did not want to go to their house because he did not know if Jim would be there or not and did not want to get into a hassle with his brother. He also did not know that he did not go Shelby's sister would go alone.

I am going to call Shelby's sister Mary for now. I do not remember her real name and I don't want to keep typing Shelby's sister. So..... Mary went over to Jim and Shelby's house alone, knocked on the door and no one was home. She called the police and had then meet her there. When the police got there she told them the story and told them that she was afraid for her sister. Wait......gotta back up here a little bit. I think when Mary had finally gone to Jim and Shelby's house, it was already known that Jim had been calling in to Shelby's work for her to be gone, told her boss that Shelby was with her mom up north helping an aunt that was ill. It was not until Shelby's mom called to speak with her at work and was told that "Shelby is with her mom up north" that things started to be weird. Any way... The police got to Jim and Shelby's house but told Mary that there was really nothing they could do. The place was locked up and they could not break in. Now, Mary could break in and they would look the other way but if Jim or Shelby wanted to press charges for breaking and entering they could. Mary decided to take the chance.

Now, I am going to stop here because I HAVE to get some work done. I will come back later with the rest of the story.


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A cliffhanger is just what I need to take my mind off my own worries!!!

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