Monday, April 30, 2007

Please Please Please people, put my older sister in your prayers.....

I know I have said some not so great things about my older sister but the things she has gone through these past few months, no one should have to endure.

First of coarse is all the crap with Brandie..OK, here is the update on that...

Brandie went to court on Thursday. The social worker brought Matthew because he is the child that the neglect or abuse was about and the judge wanted to talk to him. The judge asked Matthew if he would like to go and stay with his daddy and Matty replied that yes, he would like to go and live with his daddy. The judge is going to have a phone interview with his daddy we believe today...we are at least hoping that this is the case. We don't know what else happened in court yet but I am sure that we will hear about it soon.

Brandie (we think) also made allegations against my sister (the younger one, not her mom) that she is abusing her children. When M (little sister) got home on Friday evening there was a business card from Child Protective Services stuck in the door jam. This was about 8:30 at night so she figures he had to come in between 7-8 PM. She and her husband left on a cruise Saturday afternoon (this has been planned for months) so she called the CPS worker and left a voice message for him to contact our mother or he could contact her social worker (she is a foster parent and has adopted 2 children) and gave him the numbers. She was devastated and almost canceled her trip, she cannot believe that Brandie would have done this to her but I told her how could she expect that Brandie would not have done this. Brandie is pissed and she is going to do whatever she can to make every ones lives miserable. Brandie does not get it that she has done this to herself, she still thinks in that brain of hers that this is someone else's fault. I told her that she has been planning this for months and she cannot CANNOT go. I know in her heart she really wanted to go and was almost asking permission to go and to not feel like she was abandoning anyone. They had flown her husbands mother out to take care of the children while they were gone and both the kids were looking forward to spending time with their grandmother on the other side.

Then next in line is my older sister's ( I will call her L) husband has not been going very well. He was in the hospital all of last week and they think that he has had 2 strokes. He left the hospital on Saturday and from what my mom says, he looks great. He is fine. However, he will work my sister to the bone. For example my mom said that he was sitting on the couch at her house and he was finished with his ice water so he clinked the ice in his glass while pointing to it so that L would get up and get him a refill. I told my mom that would work one time with me, if he did not have a voice then he would sit and clink until the cows come home. She told me that was kinda what L said to God!!

OK, so then we get to the latest with her family. OK, L's husband gets released from the hospital on Saturday, they spend the night at my mom's house and leave at about 4 the next day. About an hour later my sisters 2nd daughter calls my mom's house looking for L. Seems that her granddaughter (she is 2) pulled a bottle of ammonia off the counter onto herself. She has burns all over the front of her body. She will not open her eyes or her mouth. The last I heard they were talking (the doctors) about life flighting her to a near by children's hospital.

When my mom called me last night with all this information, she just broke down. She said that she just does not know how much more L can take. She said that L looks terrible. Her ankles and wrists are swollen ( I don't know if that is a sign of diabetes or not but my mom seems concerned about it) she said that L looks older then she (being my mom) does. Then my mom said she is afraid that L is going to die. oh man, that was the clinker. I tried to console my mom as much as I could. Telling her that L was stronger then any of the rest of us and that she would be fine but I don't know if I did any good or not.

I am going to go outside and use my cellphone and try and get up with her now, just for an right back.

OK, they sent the baby home from the hospital with instructions that if she does not eat, they will have to bring her back. They have eye drops for her eyes and that is all my mom really knows right now. My mom did mention that Brandie is suppose to come by her house today to return my mom's shoes that she "accidentally" took when she was taking all her things out of the house. (These shoes are diabetic shoes, $ 500.00 shoes that are perfectly matched to my mom's feet so Brandie did not take them for anything other than to be mean if she did not accidentally take them.) I told my mom to call me the minute Brandie leaves because she is alone at home and I know how cracked out this drug can make her, I also told my mom to tell Brandie that if she sticks around for a few minutes, my brother will be there so I am thinking that will make Brandie leave right away because she does NOT want to run into her uncle, she knows how mad at her he is.

Stay tuned and thanks for all the uplifting comments, I really need them some days.


abbagirl74 said...

You are always in my thoughts. Keep your head up girlfriend. Time heals all wounds.

cassee01 said...

Your whole family is in my prayers - I'm so sorry all of these things are happening.

weekendsoff said...

Prayers and postive thoughts are coming your way. I hope the baby is OK! And your sister, bless her heart, I can't imagine...but I'll definately be praying for all good things to come to you and yours..