Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I am going to try and make this as short as possible because I have a ton of work to do but I wanted to update everyone on the Brandie situation.

Yesterday she informed my mother that the children would be going into foster care on May 11th (the next court date). She would not elaborate on this but just stated that they would go.

The social worker my mom has been talking to, called her yesterday and asked if there was anyone in the family that would take the children if need be. My mom told her that my youngest sister would take them in if necessary.

A few hours later another social worker called my mom and asked her if Brandie and the 6 year old female still at her house, my mom answered yes and they asked if there was any way my mom could keep her there. To this my mom had to answer no, but she would try. They informed my mom that a social worker was on her way to Brandie's house to pick up the boys and they wanted to send someone over to my mom's to get Brianna.

That did not work. They did get the boys but when Brandie got home she had a choice to make. She could either have social services come and pick up Brianna or Brandie could bring her down to social services herself. Brandie brought her there herself.

The children all went into foster care last night, they are all safe.

Hopefully today they will be transferred to my little sisters house. She is a foster parent as she adopted both of her children but because it has been over 2 years, both her husband and herself as well as my mom have to go and get fingerprinted so they can do a criminal background check.

No one has heard anything from Brandie but we do know they were taken because she did not pass her drug test. She was well aware that she was not going to pass when she got in front of that judge and just as cocky as you can imagine, told him that she would take a drug test that very morning. We think that she knew and that was the reason that she suspected that the children would be going to foster care.

Now, I don't know what his going to happen on May 11th. I guess we just stay tuned.

I sure hope everyone is having a great day!!


Weekends Off said...

I will be praying that they are delivered to your little sister soon. They must be scared, but they are definatly better off without their Mom right now.

I'm so glad they are safe and being looked after!

Hugs to you and your family

Trueself said...

Continuing to hold up you and your family in my prayers. Hopefully this will be the start of better things for those poor children.

Meg said...

I wish that there was something that I could do for those poor little babies. Thank God that your family is there for them.

Kiss them for me and tell them how wonderful they are...often.