Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hello Everyone

I know I have not been here but I just have not had anything to say lately. Yes, all the crap that has been happening in California with my mom and my niece is still going on. It just sickens me so much I have not wanted to talk about it.

My mom had knee surgery a couple of weeks ago, she is home again and doing fine. While she was in the hospital my niece BR....shit, her name is Brandie, I am so tired of her I just want to smack the shit out of her. Anyways..she decides to have a party when my mom is not home, you know a real good time, meth smoking party....IN MY MOTHER'S HOUSE!! She has absolutely no respect for anyone right now. I wrote her a letter....well hell, I am going to just post it here so you all can read it, this may turn out to be a HUGE post but what the heck..... Here is the letter...


Ok, I have just about heard enough of the shit that you are putting my mother through and I am just not going to put up with it any longer.

I hear that you have until June 1st to move out of the house, Hear that Bran! June 1st. Let me just tell you what is going to happen if you do not move….

1) I will be there on June 2nd to HELP you move out.

2) I will take you to the nearest homeless shelter that will take you in.

3) I will make it my personal mission that you lose your children, I will let social services and the police know exactly the drugs you have been using IN MY MOTHERS HOUSE. I will also inform *** (the children's father) and will testify on his behalf in court, letting them know that at this point he is the better parent.

4) I will make sure everyone know exactly how you treat your children. How you do not sit and talk with them, how you do not do ANYTHING with them unless it is benefiting you in some way, shape or form and how you treat them not like God has intended you to treat your children but how you treat them like they are a burden to you.

Shame on you Brandie. You move into my mother’s house and totally take advantage of her and *** (my sister).

Do you not remember who has paid your bills for you this past year? Do you not remember who has made sure that your children were looked after? Do you not remember who it was that has put food into that house so that your children have been fed?


It wasn’t enough that we all felt sorry for you……poor Brandie….her husband left her with 3 children…..poor, poor Brandie….Boy I sure wish I just had a nickel for every time that I thought that. But all I feel for you right now is contempt. I am so angry with you. You have made your grandmother and your Aunt, the only 2 people in the entire world that could help you when you needed help and you shit on the both of them. Ohhhh they tried to “run your life” once again…poor Brandie. It was ok for them to “run your life” when they were paying over 300.00 per week for day care, it was ok for them to “run your life” when they were making sure your car payment was made, it was ok for them to “run your life” when your children needed Christmas presents because their mother did not have a job, did not look for a job and could not get them the Christmas that they deserve to have, it was ok for them to “run your life” when school pictures were being taken and you could not afford even to buy the pictures. So many, many more things that I could name.

Yet, all I can do is sit here, shaking my head and wonder……what the hell happened to you?

One more thing before I mail this out, If that PUNK Mark is in my mother’s house when I get there he better be walking out the door when I am walking in otherwise I will personally escort him out and I will not care what he thinks of me because at this point I don’t give one shit about what YOU think of me. YOU are nothing Brandie, NOTHING….get it.

You can call me a bitch, you can call me whatever name that you want to Brandie, I don’t care, it does not faze me in the least. I have been called names by people that are way better than you and I am absolutely sure that I will be called more names in the future. The thing about it is that I DON’T CARE. I am not ***(my sister) or my Mom, I have not taken care of your sorry ass for so long that you don’t acknowledge it anymore, like you think that these two people owe you for some reason…..Guess what ??? THEY DON’T!! They don’t owe you a thing.

When all is said and done Brandie, when you get away from the loser that you are with, when you get away from the drugs. You will find that you have burned your bridges. The drugs that you are doing will destroy your life, look at what they have done so far. Brandie, I am begging you to find some help, get into treatment for the sake of your children. They don’t need a mother that is so strung out on drugs that she cannot function around her children. They don’t DESERVE it. For no one else but them, for no one else yourself, Please get some help.

Brandie, I love you. I really really do. I don’t want you to think that I am saying to “get the hell out of our family”. I want you to get some help, I will welcome you back into our family when you are the Brandie that I know and love again.

The drugs you are on right now are the exact same drugs that made my X brother in law kill his fiance. I am so scared for you and I have to make this my personal goal to get you away from my mother. I am sorry that it may have to come to this.

Ok, a little harsh?? maybe but someone has to talk to her and break through the barrier and get her going. this point today, she has left my mother's house (she came home from having an abortion last Friday, packed up all her clothes, packed up the clothes of the baby (he is 1), kissed her other 2 children, told them that she had something to do and left. She has called her mother (her mother is staying with our mother for a few reasons 1) to help my mother get back on her feet after her surgery and 2) to help take care of Brandie's kids. She "claims" the she has not abandoned her children...we will see about that.

We have spoken with their father (who lives out of state) and he is planning on taking full custody of the children, we just have to wait for the court to approve this because we don't want her charging him with kidnapping or anything like that.

If anyone has any suggestions....please let me know, we are running out of them for ourselves.
Things have to get better....they can't get much worse.


YoMomma203 said...

It sounds like you are doing all you can and you are smart to go about it legally.

I'm sending positive vibes.

I hope things get better.

kissmekate said...

I hope your letter has some impact on her, but unless SHE wants to get help there is little anyone can do. If she is forced into help then it willnot have any benefit because she doesn't want it.

I really do hope that she is OK and the baby is also.

(((((HUGS))))) to you and your family at this time. I sure do think you need them.

SolarisGal said...

Karin that's an excellent letter. Did anything new happen since then?