Thursday, April 19, 2007

I am soooooo sick of all of this. I am sick of Brandie and all the crap that she is dealing out. I feel like I should just go out there and deal with her myself. I know that will not do a bit of good but I would just like to see her and have her talk to me the way she has been talking to my sister and my mother.

I found out a few more things about yesterday.....

Brandie offered to do a drug test and she did, which leads me to believe that she thinks whatever is or was in her system is gone and cannot be detected.

Brandie was told by the judge to "get a job" because he appointed a attorney for the children and she is to pay half of that fee.

CPS was out to her house a few days ago and stripped down the baby to check him for anything. Brianna was at school but my question here was.....WHERE WAS MATTHEW??? The social worker did not see Matt, I think that she goes out there today to "interview" the older children. Oh man, I hope they talk.

Brandie went to my mom's house last night, just as nice as you please. My mom did not let her in the door, Brandie asked for her mail, my mom informed her that she had no mail and that was that.

They have another hearing on May 11th in which my mom and my older sister will have to testify against Brandie.

Lets just keep our fingers crossed that they children are safe until that time.


kissmekate said...

Well if she has been smoking cannabis then she is in for a rude shock because traces stay in your system for up to 3 months.

I know this because I am subjected to random drug testing at my workplace and have been advised of the time frames.

If you are going to be subjected to drug testing you cannot consume any form of drug because they will find it.

Did they find Mathew?

wmy said...

Hi..nice to meet ya! I wandered over from weekends off's place. I have to go read your previous posts to see what this brandie thing is all about...I'll be back, oh yes I will! lol

Weekends Off said...

Karin, I hope everything works out for those kids, I'm praying on this end for all of you!

It's hard but I do think you are all doing the right thing...I just wish the powers =that=be were able to do something the 1st time around instead of giving her more time.

You know, they make all sorts of stuff you can buy to flush your system - drinks that can mask your drug use for a few hours- but I don't know of anything that can beat a hair test...I wonder if they can order one of those? I've heard Meth can stay in your system only 3-4 days so maybe she held off long enough to pass

SolarisGal said...

Oh gosh, karin, I hope everything turns out okay! Hang in there...