Friday, February 16, 2007

OK, so I ended my last post with me going to California. I should tell you that it was the first time that I went, I did finally get back to Minnesota, stayed with friend, partied way to much, ended up at grandma's again, got a job at a bank (now remember, I was 16 at this time), they did direct deposit way back then so you had to have a checking account with the bank in order to get paid, quit the job, kept writing checks and needless to say, ended up back in California, this time with the police escorting me to the airport, in handcuffs, through security ( I laugh as I write that but it was so so not fun) to the plane, they put me on the plane but through this all EVERYONE had seen me get escorted in handcuffs to the plane. Finally we take off, Here I am sitting in my own seat, smoking a cigarette (yes, you could smoke in those days) when a young man (probably 15 or 16) comes and sits next to me, I try and ignore him but he wants to talk to me. Finally the question "comes up".....I saw you get on the plane in handcuffs...what did you do....I looked him right in the eyes and told him that I had killed someone. LOL, you never saw anyone who got up faster and ran to sit with his parents. No one bothered me the rest of the trip.

OK, enough about me for now. Let me tell you about my sister....first a list of characters:


SH: could be shithead, works either way but for this time it will be sisters husband

BR: sister's first daughter, she has 3 kids and is living with my mom, this will be partly her story although I can tell you stories about each and every one of them.

SU: sister's second daughter, 2 kids, 1 living with her, husband is a puke

REB; sister's third daughter, 4 kids, all at this point are taken away from her, yes this will be a post in itself.

CH: sisters first son, good kid now. Hopefully he will be the smart one in the family

AM: sister's fourth daughter, no children, currently in juvenile detention for failed urine test and not going to school.

BO: sister's fifth daughter, 1 child, not much to say about this child....yet

ZA: sister's second son, this one is too young to be getting in to much trouble, oh wait, another story.

OK, so my sister has ALOT of children. Currently BR is living with my mother because her sorry ass husband left her when her last child was about a week old. Now, let me back up a minute. Yes, he is a sorry ass but I will give credit where credit is due. Their marriage was in trouble long before he left and yes BR did get pregnant on purpose thinking it would "save" the marriage. Advise does not work.

BR was doing OK, she was working and going to school one night a week. Then she lost her job. For the last I would say 8 months or so, she has not been working. She is really not looking for a job, she is just letting everyone take care of her...including you, if you are paying taxes, she is getting money from you and I also. Her children are 6,5 and 1 or maybe it is 5,4 and 1 but never the less, she does not pay attention to the 2 oldest ones. The middle child has gone so far as to say "my momma does not like me". This has broken my heart over and over again.

Last weekend my mother and my little sister went on a short cruise (Friday through Monday). They had a blast and I am so glad for that because when they got back all hell had broken loose. My older sister had come into town because her 3rd daughter had court (I promise...another story) she decided to stay at my mom's house since my mom would not be home and they just really don't trust BR to do what she is suppose to do.

My sister found a syringe on BR's dresser. She went nuts!! BR did see what trouble she was getting into....for a minute, then was pissed because my sister was in her stuff. Now, tell me...what would have happened if one of her children would have gotten ahold of that shit, what if they would have poked god, what if she would have had to take them to the hospital????????

When my younger sister found all this out she called BR out on the table!! She also made the boyfriend come and sit down to talk about what would NOT be taking place in my mothers house. The boyfriend became belligerent and my sister told him (none to kindly) to get the FU*K out of my mothers house. He did think for just a minute that she would let him speak before he left (silly boy) and she just let him have it. I do have to tell you that my little sister is about 98 pounds (bitch) soaking wet and stands about 5'3 with heels. She told the boyfriend that she would be calling 911 if he did not leave immediately and she was quite sure that he would not be wanting to talk to the police. He problem. Then it was BR's turn, which I will have to continue later. Maybe tonight, maybe this weekend, but if not for sure on Monday.....

Stay tuned.


Weekends Off said...

Oh my GAWD I am on the edge of my seat!!!!

And I don't have internet access over the weekend so dang I guess I have to wait till Monday!!

SolarisGal said...

wow, I agree with weekends - this post was very interesting to read! And I'll get to read more as I have my internet access! :)

Anonymous said...

This story is a great argument for abortion.