Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gosh! I am about to go nuts!! My husband has taken the car in for new tires and a tune up. They said it would take about 3 hours for everything. Here it is 5 count them FIVE hours later and they are still working on it. The mechanic says that the wires are literally falling apart so ALL the wires have to be replaced. Here I sit, should of gone home almost 40 minutes ago and I sit. Yes, I am getting paid to sit here and blog but really, I just want to go home.

So, I will tell you about my other niece.....The 3rd daughter.....RE we will call her.

She had a daughter about oh I would say almost 6 years ago. This daughter has been living with my sister since birth. RE has lived there on and off.

She has a son who is I think about 4 now. He was born around Thanksgiving 2002. He lived with his mother for the first few months of his life. When my dad got really sick and his wife did not want to take care of him by herself (oh did I say that she did not WANT to, I meant to say that she could not) RE went to my dad's house and helped take care of him. I will always thank her for this, I am so glad that she could be with him when we could not. Anyway..... she left her son with his grandma on the other side (his dad is in prison...don't know what for). After my dad passed, she went back home but did not pick up her son. She decided to leave him with his grandma because "she just did not bond with him"

Child # 3 is born. I think this one is a boy and then child #4 a girl, both children by the same father....I should tell you now that he is in prison for somehow being a party to a murder but RE swears that "he did not do it aunt Karin, I promise".

Child 3 and 4 go to the grandparents house (on dad's side) to visit for a week.

Guess guessed it

RE does not go and pick them up when she is suppose to. Turns out that she has another boyfriend and they are doing drugs or whatever and not only does she not go and pick up the kids......she will not return the grandparents phone call either.

Finally they call social services, they take ALL the children and put them in foster care.

daughter # 1 is still there. All others are with their grandparents but because my sister has some problems of her own, they take #1 child out of the home. It just devastated my sister but upon talking to child #1 she is happy right now.

Thank God

I don't know what is going to happen but I will fill you in when I know.


Anonymous said...

An argument for abortion, and against methamphetamine use. Sorry - it just sounds like that drug. Other drugs seem to have more class than that one (as much as that can be said).

Please keep an eye on the children (from a distance or not). Foster kids can suffer severely. Trust me - my best friend was a foster kid and is in counseling because of it. (foster family was one with numerous kids - just like a stable of children...)

Weekends Off said...

Karin, I'm sorry your family is going through this. Drugs can certainly destroy a family and I hope that the rest of y'all are holding tight.

I will pray for the children...I hope they are in a good safe home like the foster home I was raised in. They aren't all bad. Mine was wonderful. I also will pray for her to see the light and get some help.