Monday, February 19, 2007

Good Morning :)

Here comes the next installment...and more

My sister sits down with Br and talks to her about all the help she has been getting, about all the money that everyone is spending on her and her children and about how BR is doing NOTHING. She explains how "The buck stops here". BR is compliant, she is soooooo sorry about everything. She is sooooo going to change her life for the better. My sister tells her that she will be conducting a drug test ANYTIME she feels the need and she will be going into the bathroom with BR to make sure she is doing it correctly. She tells BR that she will not be getting any more help from her or my mom until she complies with the rules of the house. She will not let this boyfriend back into the house, she will spend every evening at home with her children not, putting them in front of the TV with cartoons on so that she can play on the computer and such. She will clean up after her children and the drugs will stop here, if any are found IN MY MOTHERS HOUSE again, she will be leaving. As a matter of fact, they will start eviction proceedings now just in case because it takes 30 days for these things to take place. Well, BR was just going to do whatever it took to be the girl she used to be and to be the mother she should be.

That is until the next day WHEN,

She told my mother off (of coarse my sister was not there) and she told my sister off (only in text messaging, would not get on the phone with her). She told them that she is 27 years old and she will do exactly as she pleases. She said that she will not be talked down to. She will see who she wants when she wants etc. etc.

SHE IS SUCH A BITCH, I really need to take a trip out there because she will NOT talk to me like that and I will escort her out of my mothers house. How dare her talk like that to my mother who has given her and her children a place to stay, fed them and made sure that they were comfortable. She has some nerve.

UPDATE: I talked to my older sister (who just happens to be at my mom's this past week) last night, she said that BR broke up with the boyfriend. I told her that I still think she needs to move, she cannot think she can treat people like crap and then miraculously she is an angel again. I think she needs to get into treatment, in house, 90 days. Nothing more, nothing less. I think that she really needs to do this. She is not just smoking a little pot here, she is doing dangerous drugs and anyone who has been reading my blog knows that my X brother in law killed his fiance because he was doing meth. I just pray that she gets it together.

On a cute kids story note :) When I talked to my older sister last night I also talked to my great niece, like I said she is either 5 or 6. She asked me if I wanted to know what she was going to be when she grew up? She told me that she is going to be a vegetarian when she grows up. That was she can take care of animals and she would be going to vegetarian school.....Now, how cute is that? Who would not want to spend time with that cuteness?

Next time on Karin's Korner: The 3rd daughter and how she ended up getting all of her children taken away.....told you this could be a soap opera.


Caro said...

How sad for BR's kids.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like that stuff was just the drugs talking and I too believe she needs to be away for 90 days!!
Your niece is an angel. How nice if being a vegetarian really was a career we could choose from...I would be one happy girl, not to mention wealthy from it!!
Hey, I am done blogging for now. I will check in to your site, but I need to make some serious forward movement in my life.
I will think of you, hang in there with the fammily!! YOU ARE AWESOME!

Meg Kelso said...

Kids are so funny, they do, indeed, say the darndest things. Aren't they as sweet and innocent as they can be? Your neice(?) is missing so much that she'll never be able to get back and her kids deserve much better.

Love ya!