Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hey all,
I don't have a clue what to write about here today so I am going to think about it and come back. I am trying to think of something that happened when I was a child that I could write about but there is just nothing in my head right now.....Oh, that is just great, I just told the blog world that I was empty headed....Jeez!! ok, back in a little while.

Just when I thought there was going to be nothing to write about happened!! Here I was, minding my own business when I glanced out the window of my office. Wait, I should tell you that I have now changed offices, I am out in the hanger with the boys instead of up in the office part with management....a move up??? I think so....I don't have to live in a fish bowl (windows completely around my office so everyone could always see what I was doing) Any way.. Here I am, typing away (that is my job he he) and I glance out my window and our floor manager is standing at the parts counter (with his back to me) with his hand down the back of his pants scratching his butt. I mean EWWWWWWWW.
First of all...come on, you are standing in a hanger with pilots that are coming and going constantly and are basically 20 feet away from Karin's office and she DOES have a window.
Then the parts manager comes out, I will call him Gene...because well, frankly that is his name. Gene comes out of his office and talks to the floor manager (I will call him Sam) and they are reading some paper together, both of their hands are on this paper....I just cannot wait for Sam to leave so I can go out and tell Gene about Sam and his butt scratching and oh by the way...he did not wash his hands.
Oh man, the things that go on in the work place. I LOVE IT HERE!!! :)

P.S. Did I happen to mention that Sam weighs in at about 300 pounds.....EWWWWWW!!


Billy said...

Wow, plumber's crack makes the paper. Too funny,

Trueself said...

I agree with you. EWWWWWWWWWW is truly the only correct thing to say here!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mental image (poking out my mind's eye)

Determined said...

I remember once while waiting in line to order a pizza, the guy who was making the pizza's started to scratch in between his crack! He then resumed patting down the dough. eek!
I was quickly outta there!

Weekends Off said...

ROFL what did Gene say????

Meg Kelso said...

Hey girl, email me at so that I can send you an email about my job, ok? I want to tell someone so badly it freaking me out!


Anonymous said...

Hello! I found my way here via ~*~ d ~*~. I've got to share my story about my former workplace.

I working on the 22nd floor of a downtown high-rise for a prestigious law firm of corporate litigators in Phoenix, AZ. I'm concentrating on every word coming from my headsets making sure my punctuation is correct, and that I transcribe every word verbatim. Everything is going fine, when what comes over the headset -- fffffaaaarrrrrtttt! Loud, long, butt cheek flapping fffaaarrrttt! I'm less intimidated by high powered attorneys after that.