Thursday, October 05, 2006

Good Morning, Good Morning. I have been taged by my friend trueself over at (Sorry, I am soooo computer illerate that I don't know how to just put the name and make it a link). I have been asked to state nine things about myself, weird or otherwise, and then tag six others by leaving a comment on their blogs. So let's see if there is anything at all I haven't already shared here:

1. I was married for almost 20 years to my first husband. Thought about and had many oppurtunities to cheat on him, only cheated once and that was at the end. He cheated once that I know of but I am sure there were others, he just learned how to be descrete.

2. I smoked alot (and I mean ALOT) of pot when I was a kid. Shoot, we are being honest here, I smoked pot until almost 5 years ago.

3. If I were to get some kind of disease, I would smoke it again.

4. My X was not a relegious person, I believe that God brought me to David because he knew I was lost and wanted to be found, he knew that David was the one person that could bring me back "home" again.

5. I cannot leave my house unless I have had a shower and I have makeup on. I always have to remember "what if I see someone I know".

6. I have a compulsive disorder that lurks inside of me. I want my house completley clean at all times, it is never that way and it drives me crazy. After all, what if someone stops by and wants to come into my house.

7. These past 5 years have been the happiest times of my life. I cannot express how much I love my husband and I am sure, with everything that is in me, he loves me just as much. I can tell you that I NEVER felt that way with my X, he made me feel like he was "putting up with me" for ALL the years I stayed married to him.

8. I am not a small person, I am overweight and would love to have that surgery that makes your stomach smaller. My friend had it and she is doing great, She lives in Minnesota and I wish I could see her now.

9. I am also very jealous of her, She was always the big one in our crowd and I am scared (Lord, I don't know why) that when I do see her, she will be way smaller then me.

OK, that is my 9. Some of them lame....ok, most of them lame but never the less it is what it is.
I am going to tag Di, Jan, Shattered, and abbagirl. Thanks guys, you make my day when I get comments back from you :).