Friday, July 13, 2007

OK, new update.

Right now Brandie and Russell should be in court. Why you ask? Well, I explain they should be in court today because TODAY is the day the JUDGE told them to return.

Russell is in court right now, Brandie could not make it. Why you ask? Well, she is pregnant!!

Can you believe it? She is pregnant and sick so she cannot be in court to fight for the 3 children that she does have.

I just talked to my sister and they (the court) have taken Russell upstairs to do the live scan of his hand to make sure that he is not "wanted" or anything. They will send it to the FBI and if all comes back fine, I believe that he could be taking his kids home next week. The mediator asked if my mom would take the kids until then but because my mom's live scan did not work (her hands are too dry and cracked) so my sister will take the children if they will let her for a week.

My heart goes out those children so much.

I keep asking myself, how could their mother just give her kids away? What kind of mother does that?

My sister says that the state of California will take the baby the minute it is born, we both agree that we do not believe for a New York minute that Brandie is not still doing meth. I don't know but I do think that you cannot just simply stop doing it without some help, not when you are that addicted. But, maybe I am wrong. I hope so.

I will come and update some more as soon as I hear anything else. Russell is in with his attorney, Brandie's attorney (court appointed) and a mediator trying to get things settled.


Weekends Off said...

How did it turn out? I am praying you are gonna tell me Russell has the kids.

My sisters have been drug councelors for almost 20 years so I know a bit (2nd hand info) and while I guess it's not impossible to quit something like that with sheer willpower- it's damned near impossible. Especially for someone who is so weak. I am praying for the kids, the innocent in all of this, I hope they go home to their daddy.

xoxo to you and yours