Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ok, just a quick note

I just read that Andrea Yates has been found NOT GUILTY BY REASON OF INSANITY!!
I am sorry, but this just makes me sick. Maybe she was nuts and maybe she is still nuts but she still MURDERED her 5 children. What does this mean for her? I don't know. I think that she will get institutionalized until she "gets well". Well, what if she "gets well" tomorrow? Do they just let her out...just like that?? She is not punished for MURDERING HER 5 CHILDREN?? I just don't know how a person can put their children in a bathtub and hold them under the water while they are flailing their arms and legs and just wait for them to die.

It just breaks my heart.


Weekends Off said...

The whole story just breaks my heart. I do believe she is insane, I'd think that of anyone who did what she did. I hope that they keep her locked up forever. She does not need to be walking free anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I know,I feel the same way too.
My son was the same age as one of her son's and when I look at my boy and imagine a woman chasing him,and then holding him down to kill him it makes me so sick,and sad.

I think she should be punished regardless of her sanity.
That whole thing is BS anyways,just another excuse in my eyes.

Weekends Off said...

I saw coverage of her on our local news. It was an interview done of her I think by a therapist. She finally showed some remorse I think it's the first time I saw her cry over what she did. Not that that makes me feel any differently. She said that one of the kids looked up from the water, said "Mommy" and she put him back under.

She said that the more she is medicated and the better she gets the more remorse and pain she is able to feel. In that case, I hope she gets better so she can feel it daily.

She's gonna get evaluated yearly. I wonder if she will eventually get out.