Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Do you all watch Big Brother All Stars?

I think this is the best season yet. I just love this show. I think Tuesday nights are the best nights to cuddle up and watch television. First you have Big Brother and then you get an hour of Dog the Bounty Hunter and then an hour of Roseanne.

I love Roseanne. I think that most people either love her or hate her. Well, I love her. I think that she is hilarious. I am so much like her with my kids that it is scary. And Dog the Bounty Hunter, what a show that is. I think his son Leland is just as cute as you can be. Now, their mouths sometimes leave a bitter taste in my mouth but hey, I was a teenager with a mouth, they just happen to be adults that have carried it over. I like how they pray each time before they go out on a hunt and I really like the way they treat the person that they have caught. They treat them with respect and dignity even though their butts are going to jail.

I can't wait until Desperate Housewives comes back in September and another show I cannot wait for is ER. I quit watching it for a few years but I caught the season finale this year and now just cannot wait to see it again.

Wait now, let me get back to Big Brother, for all of you that watch it. Do you think James did the right thing by nominating Jase? I think that was a mistake and I think that he should of put up both of the boys from Chilltown. If one of them wins Head of Household next week, I am sure that they are going to put up someone from season 6. James was not thinking. And just for the record, He should of NEVER put up Chicken George. Chicken George is great and not a threat to any of them. He is playing the game smart right now....GO Chicken George!!

Ok, I am rambling.....Just cannot think of something to blog about. Let me know what your favorite shows are if you have one, lets compare.

On another note, my sister called me this morning. You know how hot it has been out in California...People dying and all that. Well, she was passing a church this morning and noticed the said.....Are you ready for this????


Don't ya love it.