Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ok, cute kid story ahead....

A few nights ago Kody was having dinner at our house. He is 4 now and goes to head start so he does not get to come over and spend the night very often.

We are having dinner. Baked Chicken, califlower with cheese sauce and brown rice. He loves it. He eats all the califlower first and looks at me with those big blue eyes and says.....Grandma....can I please have more is soooo good!!!!

Gosh, I love that kid!!!
The picture is of Kody and his mom, my daughter.


Mel said...

HI Karin, thanks for stopping my my blog! That house is in Liberty NC, not in the city but on the outskirts. I dont even know the address to do any searchs, maybe its better left alone LOL.

I was reading your other entries, and your experience is so much like mine. I had heart failure 4 years ago and the doctors kept saying I had pneumona. I almost died before I finally went to the ER and they knew what it was. The sleeping sitting up is the real key....That was awful not being able to lay down!! How are you now? My heart is back up to normal function now although my cardiologist says my heart is not normal and I have drugs I have to take for the rest of my life. Unfortunatelty that episode started a bunch of other medical problems for me so be aware of any health issues that may come up.

Weekends Off said...

You have a beautiful daughter and Kody is adorable!!!