Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ok, here goes.....

I know that I told ya all that my daughter is leaving for Texas in a few weeks. Well, that time is almost up (she will be leaving next Monday) and it is absolutly totally killing me.

It is not that she is going, not really. It is more that she is taking Alex, now that is killing me.

I am trying to get through this without crying and it just does not work. My heart is totally breaking.

She is moving to a town called Littlefield in Texas, I guess it is about 30 miles from Lubbock. She is moving with her boyfriend of about 2 months...I don't get it.

She did not meet him on the internet, she met him throught a friend of his that lives here. She has talked to him on the phone for the past 2 months and now he is here to pick her up and carry her back to Texas.

Now, I have to tell you.....I really like this guy from what I have seen. The only think that I don't like about him is that he lives in Texas. He is very good to Alex and Alex just loves him but really what do we know of him? David had a friend of his do a background check on him and she did 3 different ones, they all come back fine. But still!!!

I am just going to be a basketcase! I just can't stand this. I know that she wants to go and I know that she has to do this for her but it breaks my heart.

What if something happens to her all the way out there, what if something happens to Alex and I cannot be there for him?? Then what???

David says that she will be back, that this relationship is new and Anthony does not know Sarah like we know Sarah. On one hand I hope to God he is right and on the other hand I want her to find happiness and I want Alex to be happy..........I just want them to be happy here...I guess right now that is just going to be to much to is just sad :( Just to let you all case you didn't....That is Alex in the pic, he is just a doll baby :)


Little Wing said...

Alex is such a beautiful child!
I can understand your pain.
We just have to send good vibes out to Texas.
Try to think positive thoughts.
Maybe, just maybe, it will be a good ending.

Debbie said...

I know the pain of a children/grandchild leaving to another place. What is the most important is that you keep the lines of communications open and keep in touch often. Hugs to you.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Hi there, I see you read little wing. You may be interested on reading my latest post I've just dedicated to her.

Weekends Off said...

From one grandma to another, (((HUGS)))

I feel your pain honey. I wish I could watch out for them for you, but Lubbock is too far away.

He's a gorgeous little boy!

Meg said...

I hear ya girlfriend. My babies are the only reason that I'm in Gogia. I'd rather be with my daughter...but those babies are too hard to leave. It will be fine, either she'll come back soon or she'll find happiness there. One way or another, the baby will be fine...she'll take good care of him. My grandmother lived in Virginia when I was growing up in Chicago and I spent my summers with her. They were the best days of my entire childhood. It'll work itself'll see.