Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hello Everyone.

Finally I come back! I have been on a cruise with my mom and my sister. What fun was that? We had a blast. I flew into Burbank, CA. a week ago last Saturday. On Sunday we did some shopping, did the manicure and pedicure thing and relaxed with the family. On Monday morning we picked up my mom and headed to the Port in well....I am not sure where it really was...we will just say the port and leave it at that. We got on the ship, had "the drink of the day" and headed to our room.

Wow!! Our room was fabulous!!! We were on the 10th floor located right next to the bridge. We got to go out on the patio every morning and watch the Captain and HER crew doing their stuff. Yes, we had the only woman Captain that the Royal Caribbean employees and to top it all off her name was Karin....with an i!!

On Tuesday we docked in San Diego. We did not get off the ship because we had all been to San Diego before so it was just not a big deal for us. Instead we stayed and relaxed, read, ate and slept on and off all day long. On Tuesday night we went to dinner (we had a terrific wait staff) and then to the casino. My sister won $ 450.00 on Monday night so we played with that money all night.

Catalina Island was our next stop. My mom's legs were hurting so we did not get off the boat there either. We figured all there was to do there was shop and we wanted to spend our money in Mexico, were we knew we would get really good deals. That night we went to the casino (yes again) and I put $ 20.00 in the dollar machine and won $ 387.00. I promptly put $ 187.00 back into those crazy machines and quit for the night. This $ 200.00 was my spending money for Mexico the next day :)

Mexico was wonderful. I bought so many things for the kids and grand kids that I did not know how in the world I was going to get it all back. I found out I am an excellent "bard er-er".

On Friday we were back in Los Angeles again :( . This was the best vacation I have ever been on, hands down. I got to spend time with my mom and my sister, we had a blast and I was spoiled rotten (my mom had bought me a Prada handbag and some Dolce & Gabbana purfum along with about $ 400.00 in clothes just for this trip).

Got home Sunday, and it feels good to be home. One downfall is that my daughter had decided that she is going to move to Texas with a friend of hers. That means that my grandson is leaving too. I hate that so much but will not think about it now because is always makes me cry. They are leaving in about 2 weeks, not a good thing and I am almost sure that it is not going to work so who do you think will have to pick up the pieces when all is said and done??? And you all know that I will do it and smile, not because it did not work out, but because I will have my grandson back again. I miss him already.

Monday, September 03, 2007

I'm Backkkkkkkkkkkkk...ok not really. Still have some pneumonia in the chest and now this.... I don't know how to say this exactly so I am going to just cut and paste the letter David (my wonderful husband) wrote to the church.

Please pass along this prayer request.
Karin and I are asking for your prayer. If you have been around Karin in the last month, you know that she has been quite sick. She was initially diagnosed with pneumonia, and that diagnosis may still be true. However, today we went back to the doctor's office, and they want to run a series of additional test. She will have an echo-cardiogram on Thursday. It appears that she may have congestive heart failure. If you (like me) are not a medical type, I assure you that the problem is not as bad as the name suggest. This does not mean that her heart will stop immediately. The doctor thinks that she has some fluid build up around her heart, and this is causing her heart to not work efficiently. Therefore, her heart has to work harder than it should. Her physician has prescribed some oral medication that will cause her body to eliminate more fluid. If all goes well, this intervention, plus some changes in our diet and exercise lifestyles, will take care of the problem. Even the American Heart Association's website indicates that rest, change in diet and exercise routines, along with medication is the generally prescribed treatment. The doc said today that her heart, which is enlarged (like any other muscle when it's working over time) will go back down to a more healthy size in the future. If course, this is contingent on her being successful with these lifestyle changes. In an effort to support her, I am going to make the same lifestyle changes. Please pray for us.
December 31st, 2007 will be her two year anniversary for stopping smoking. She smoked for 26 years up to two packs a day. I am very excited about that and very proud of her for that accomplishment. Every time I think about it, I am thankful that she made that decision because we will, hopefully, have a little longer time together as a result. If she can do that, then I know she can overcome this latest medical issue. Please pray for God's guidance, peace, and ultimately healing.
In Christ,