Friday, June 08, 2007

I received an e-mail asking me how my family was so I thought the polite thing to do was pop over here and give you all the updates.

My grandson Kody had his adenoids taken out yesterday and tubes put into his ears. Bless his little heart, he was great through it all. After the surgery we had to wait for an hour to make sure he was good to go and so the nurse brought him in a DVD player and the Disney Car's movie.

He was sitting on his mommy's lap and watching the movie just as content as could be so I asked him "didn't he already have that movie", he told me no but would I buy it for him? He was just too cute to tell no to, his face was all bloated and red, he had little bits of blood in the corners of his mouth, way to pitiful. I told him well, we could probably go over to Wal-mart when we were done because we had to get his prescriptions filled. So, he just looks at me with those big blue eyes and says "and a toy too grandma", wow, the right thing to ask for when you have been through surgery and you are looking so pitiful.

So off to Wal-mart we go. Car's is sold out so he opts for a Dora movie and then we go to the toys. I should tell you that my daughter bought him one of those horses on springs for his birthday a few months ago so when he saw the cowboy hat he just knew that he had to have that.....and also the guns with the holster.....and the caps that go with the guns...and the sheriff's badge. Needless to say....about 33 dollars later we were leaving Wal-mart. His mom told me later that he laid down to watch his movie and fell asleep with his holster and his guns on. Just a cute story to tell before we get into the Brandie thing!

Ok, now lets get to talking about Brandie and what she has done lately!!
They had court last week. We were real excited about this because we knew that Brandie has not done a thing that the judge ordered her to do. We figure that Russell will get to take the kids home, no problem......Lets all think again....This is the California judicial system we are dealing with here.
As soon as Brandie gets to court (which is late) she and her attorney go into a corner and whisper back and forth. We find out that she not only did not pass her drug test but neither her nor "Mark" had shown up for the latest drug test...who knows why. Also, Russell got a copy of the social workers findings. Matthew told her that he hoped his mommy did not get better, she always tells him that he is a naughty boy and he is not a naughty boy. He would like to go and live with his daddy. Brianna does not say anything bad about her mom, when asked a direct question about her mom she responds "I don't want to talk about it". She states that if her mom does not get better, she would like to go and live with her grandma (my mom).
So, the case gets called and Brandie's attorney states that Brandie has informed her that she does not want Russell to take the kids because 2 years ago Brianna told her that he had "touched her". Lets all remember that Brandie sent these kids to stay with their dad for Christmas 2 years in a row now and also for the entire summer last year. The last reason she gave the judge was she did not want them to go and live with him because she did not like the girlfriend....the girlfriend is gone....she did not have anything else, so she accuses him of something so totally wrong that the judge cannot over look it. He continues the case until the 22nd of this month, that way he can talk to Brianna and find out what she has to say about all of this.
I promise to keep you posted!


Weekends Off said...

Oh I'm so glad for the update I was wondering how it was all going myself :0)

Kody was so brave and what a big boy!!! I would have not been able to resist either, shoot, just READING about it makes this grandma wanna buy him something LOL I can only imagine how you felt!!

Sleeping in his little holster - the mental image just makes me say "awwww"..

Now. Brandie- Good Lord, the justice system is certainly screwed up isn't it! I am praying for her, someday she is going to regret all of this especially when she has to explain it to her children.

I'm praying for all of you! I hope she gets her shit together soon.

cassee01 said...

I hope the lawyer for him or the state makes sure that the judge punishes Brandie somehow if she is making this up! A contempt of court fine or something!!!

Meg said...

Oh my Gosh!!! They truly have us twisted around their little fingers...don't they? That adorable little boy certainly did deserve a Grandma who was ready to make a movie and a toy appear!

It is so much fun...isn't it? I never had a CLUE!