Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Good Morning :)

I just had to show off all of my grandchildren and then I will let you know what has been going on....

First off I want to tell you all that my girls are KILLING ME!! They have been living together with their children (they both have a boy, one is 4 and one is 18 months). They are fighting like they are married...I swear. Guess what they are fighting about this time....go ahead and guess..... They are fighting about the dishes and who's turn it is to do them. Seems the younger one (S,she is 19) did them on the older girls (E, she is 22) turn and now E is telling S that "it is too bad that you did them when it was my turn, it is still your turn" and S is saying that she is not doing them. E is telling her then she can move out can only imagine the headache I had when I left work yesterday. They both called and text ed me all day I could do something about it. What was I suppose to do.... call one and say...." I said that you have to do the dishes in your own house....JEEZ!!!

Finally my wonderful husband (the therapist) chose to step in. Last night he went to their house and mediated for them. He explained that they were acting like they were 15 years old and that their mommy could help them out of this jam. He explained that right now, they need each other. They both work and they occasionally need babysitters, neither one is able to pay all the bills on their house so, they have to stick together.

The older one decided that she will be able to pay all the bills on their place in about a month or so, and the younger one said that she would stay until E could pay all of her bills without the help of S.

Sooooo, S will come and stay with us during the 6 weeks that we have David's kids over the summer (which will be a blessing to both of us, although I do LOVE having my alone time) and she will save money while staying with us and be able to move out on her own after about 6 weeks.

Hopefully that will take care of that.

Now a Brandie update...

Brandie was suppose to go to rehab yesterday. No one has heard if she went or not. Social Services did contact my mother to see if she would take the children, she decided that she would but then the foster family that they are staying with said they would be willing to keep the children until they went with their father for the summer. They (neither my mom, my sister or the foster family) want to move Brianna to yet another kindergarten class (this would be the third time she moved in just about that many weeks) they do not think that would be good for her. The kids are all doing wonderfully and my mom and sister will be able to visit with them as early as this weekend.

As I understand it, the judge has called and spoken with the the children's father, both the father and his girlfriend are getting back ground checks on and when that is finished I believe the children will go with their father indefinitely.

I believe that they want the children with the father there is just so much red tape to go through. That I do not understand. I believe that he is their father (#1), he does not have any kind of record of child abuse (#2) and the he has every single right to those children. I am hoping that when he does finally get them he will ask the state if Illinois for a change of venue and go for custody right in Chicago, that will save alot of heart ache for the children because if they are in California, I am sure that they will want to see their mother one more time and it will be heartbreaking for all of them.


Weekends Off said...

1st- adorable pics! My favorite, is the last one...but they are all adorable!

2nd- LOL I am really glad for you that you have a husband who can step in and know what he's doing! My daughter calls me when she fights with her friends and I'm supposed to mediate...but really if I don't take her side she just gets pissed.

3rd- I'm praying that their Daddy gets them. I agree it's probably best to keep them where they are many changes are hardest on the young ones who don't really understand. I'm surprised they are making it so hard for the dad to get them, I'd have thought it would have been as simple as "Hey come pick up your kids" but I guess they need to make sure since the kids are their responsibility now.

I really hope Brandi gets the help she needs, and sooner rather than later.

cassee01 said...

well, I think weekends off covered about everything I wanted to say so I second all that LOL

Meg said...

OH KARIN! They are adorable! Aren't grandkids wonderful? They are God's gift to us after we spent half a life caring for our own. What lucky women we are!


Meg said...

Oh Karin!

They are so sweet! Aren't we grandmothers lucky? My grandmother taught me how to spoil a grandchild well. Once my son asked me why I didn't punish the baby for something she had done. I said, "DUH! I'm mother never punished you...I did, so I'm sure that you know do it! I'll take her shopping for toys and candy later."