Thursday, September 21, 2006

And this is how I feel today. Two months after my boss walked out the door, yesterday he came back. Acually he was here on Monday to make sure that he still had a job but yesterday he was back for a full day of work and he was here again today!! I am so glad, you just can't know how happy I am about this. Now I don't have to put up with anyones crap. I can just ask Darryl the right way to go about it and I don't have to listen to 2 people tell me to do things 2 different ways.

He is looking so good and healthy. I know that it did him alot of good to get time off. I know that the stress from this job (his job, not mine) was really getting to him and I think that he and his family (he is married and has a son that is 2 (and a son that is 22, yeah, I know...LOL)). needed to get away and have some "family time" together.

OK, I better get to work, just wanted to let you all know that he is back :)


Billy said...

Fantastic! But, will he get his clock back? LOL

Caro said...

Hooray for good bosses.

They are few and far between.

I went back and read all your posts.

I loved the train/poodle joke and the life facts. I'm working on trying to live like the golf ball analogy.

It seems I'm always cleaning this house and it looks horrid anyway. I don't want to know what it would look like if I stopped. AAARRRGGHHH.