Thursday, April 10, 2008

OK, where was I??? Let's see....job at bank, paid thru checking account, kept writing checks, LOL....memories....sometimes good sometimes bad but still to this day, this make me laugh.

So, my punishment for writing a few bad checks is to go and live with my parents (remember that I am 16 and this is in 1979 (Yippee the 70's...what fun :)

The day after court I get up and clean up my stall, yes Juvenile hall had little stalls back then, no bars just a door...that locked.

I went with 2 deputies to the airport. Have you ever been to the Minneapolis / St. Paul international is huge!

We get there and they park, we get out and I am looking around...thinking that I will make a break for it. After all, this is the WORST punishment I could have gotten. I was leaving all my friends and I hated that. The lady deputy (let's call her Lucy for lack of a better imagination) decided that I needed to be handcuffed through the airport. So the guy cop (lets call him Mike for that very same reason) says I can be handcuffed in front so it will be easier. Lucy insists that I will have to stay handcuffed the entire flight and someone at the other end will have a key and take them off once I am with my father.

We walk in the door of the airport, everyone is staring at me and whispering, we start going towards security. We start to walk around the thing that you have to walk under because they have guns and I have handcuffs so no metal detector for me. The security guard at the metal detector stops the deputies (because he can do that...ha ha Lucy smart ass cop) and tells them that I will not be getting on an airplane handcuffed. That will NOT happen. He tells them how would they like it if they were handcuffed and the plane started to go down. He tells them that handcuffs are not allowed on the aircraft...(I LOVE THIS GUY!!) So they tell him that they will take them off before I board the plane and we proceed to the gate. I feels eyes on me all the way. I start thinking......for once I am popular and everyone is looking at me (cause I am a smart ass like that). We get to the gate and they board me first (go figure). After everyone boards and we take off I still can hear the whispers...wonder what she did etc... No one is sitting next to me or in the third seat. I just sit there by myself, watching out the window (this is my first flight ever) smoking cigarettes ( I was as thankful that we could smoke back then as I am that no one can smoke now).

Finally someone (a young man probably about 14 or 15 years old comes over and asks me if he can sit by me and if I want to play cards. I said sure and he sits down. We play cards for a while and then he finally asks the question.....

Why were you handcuffed when you got on the plane???

Know what I said.....

Remember I am that smart ass 16 year old.......

I told him that I was a murderer and I had shot a 15 year old punk kid that asked to many questions.

HAHAHAHAHA he got up and left immediately.

I was such a brat!!

Anyways.....2 years later Charlie (my X) came to California and got me. We got married and planned to move to Minnesota. (I really think that is the reason that I married him so fast, I wanted to move back so bad but the judge said that I could not move until I was 21, so I got married, that changed my problem.)

I did not get into any trouble when we moved back and I didn't look for any. We stayed with him mom for exactly 1 month before he moved out and went to live with a friend of his and left me there with his mother. That is another story in itself.

Good Day!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Good Morning!!

I was checking in with all my blogging buddies and saw the Friday Confession over at Weekend's off. It reminded me of something also so I thought I would follow suit and do a Friday Confession of my own.

When I was 16 I worked at a bank in Minneapolis. The gave all their employees a checking account when they were hired and paid through the checking account instead of giving us a paper check. This is way before direct deposit. This was like well, 28 (OH MY FUC*ING GOD) years ago.

Now this was when I was young and dumb (1979) and thought I was invincible. Smoking pot and an attitude of "I don't have to listen to what you say". I was living with my grandma because my parents decided to move to California and because I refused to move (How could you do this to me....I am 15...I have a job....I have friends....I have high school) they decided that I could stay with grandma. The problem with that was that grandma lived in St. Louis Park and my friend all lived in Minneapolis. We had public transportation but the last bus ran at 9:30 pm and that was the time most of the fun things started so I never wanted to go home. My grandma basically let me do what I wanted but I had to call her and tell her what was happening and because she did not drive anymore she could not come and get me if I missed the bus.

Anyway, I am far away from my story. I quit working at the bank but unfortunately did not stop writing checks. About a month later they were waiting for me when I went to cash a check. I was arrested and taken into custody. I can't really remember how I was released (yes, smoking pot does cause you not to remember things or maybe it is because is was 28 YEARS AGO.

I think they just let me go and I walked home. When it came time for my case to be heard, they came to my house in the morning and arrested me again. They took me to juvenile hall (remember this was 28 YEARS AGO) where I saw several friends that I had lost contact with. One guy was in there for hitting his mother, his brother was in there for hitting his brother for hitting his mother, etc. Anyway, we sat around and talked and smoked cigarettes all day long. (Yes, you could smoke in those days in places like that.)

When I went before the judge, he ordered me to move to California with my parents and not move back to Minnesota until I was at least 21 (yes, really...that was my punishment) They had reduced the charge from felony to misdemeanor simply by me pleading guilty to each check individually instead of all checks as a whole. I do have to tell you that this was the absolute worst thing they could have done to me because that was the last place I wanted to be.

Next time I will tell you about the flight, that is another story in itself.

BTW, thanks for all your prayers for my family and Brandie in her time of need. I talked to her the other day and she was in better spirits, even laughing for a minute but then I think that she feels guilty and stops laughing. It will get better in time.