Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ok, I am back!!

This one will have to be short and sweet however. My desk is piled high with work to do.

California was great, John Edward was fantastic!! and Vegas was fun.

My sister and I drove to Vegas in her hot little red Mercedes convertable, we had the top down, air conditioner on, she has air conditioning in her seats as well as a massage mechanism so that we got massages all the way from California to Vegas (4 hours). About half way there I told her that my shoulders were beginning to get hot so we put the top up. week later, I am still peeling, still burnt and still hurting but we had such a great time.

About half way there we also got pulled over for speeding. I was about asleep when I hear my sister say "oh shit", I asked what was wrong and she says that she thinks that we are getting pulled over. She moves over a lane and the cop comes up beside her and motions for her to pull over and then speeds up to get one other car. We pull up behind the police car (note: radar detector never went off) and he comes back to the car, points to the radar detector and asks us if it went beep-beep-beep, when we tell him no, he tells us that it was a waste of shit. He asks for license etc. and says that he will be back in a few because he is going to check on the guy in front of him. We just laugh because...well just because. I tell her that she should take a picture of the cop car with her phone and e-mail it to her husband, we are laughing so hard when he comes back that I think he is going to take us out of the car and search us. He asked me where I was from (guess I don't sound like I am from California) I told him where I was from and told him that I was visiting my sister. He really is a nice cop, he hands my sister the ticket to sign and tells her that it is a $ 250.00 ticket and a point off her license. She looks at the ticket and gives him a little shit because the court date is the day before her birthday. She then asks him if she can "only get one speeding ticket a day" he just looks at her and laughs, tells her no. But, says that we are "too much fun" and crosses off the speeding ticket (93 in a 70) tells my sister not to go blonde on him, hands her back her license and tells her "next time, make sure that you have your license on you when you are driving". Give's her a $ 10.00 ticket instead of the speeding ticket. Tells us that the guy up in front of us is a dick and he is going to go get him. Tells us to "have a nice day ladies". What a great cop.

We really did have too much fun, I will tell you more about it soon.


Weekends Off said...

Way to go getting out of that ticket!!!

Hey did John Edwards give you a reading????

It sounds like ya'll had fun, I'm glad you're back safe and sound - even if you are sunburned!!

Caro said...

What a great story.

I'm jealous. I never get out of the ticket!

I'm glad you did though.

Jason said...

"Don't go blonde on me!" I'll have to remember that one.