Monday, June 19, 2006

Good Monday Morning...well I am not so sure it is good but it is bound to be better. We had a pretty good weekend. We picked up my husbands 2 kids for the summer so now we have 10 people in our house. We are doing the count down till the kids leave (11 more days till we are 6).

I know that I fuss about the kids being in my house, for heavens sake, it is a mess all the time and frankly I am sooooooo sick of coming home from work and my house being a mess. On the other hand I know that I will miss my grandchildren not living with me. Mostly J because she is the only girl grandchild and she will be 4 in July. She is constantly telling me that we are the team so I know that I will miss having her there. They are only planning on moving a short distance from us but it still will not be the same.

On Saturday I went to walmart and bought her one of those swimsuits that have the life jacket built right in, what a rip off. Yes, it worked for the most part. But the life jacket things ride up and rubbed her chin raw and then when I took it home, I read that you can wash it in warm water so what did I do?? I washed it in warm water, took it out and it is totally ripped up the seams and the life jacket thing is falling out. Jeez!! So, I will be taking that back to the store and having them exchange it. I had to hide it in the closet because I just know that she will have a fit when she sees that it is wrecked.

On another note, I am at work and feeling the need to fuss about one more thing while I can get it out. Do any of you have someone that just bugs the shit out of you at work? Holy man, we have this guy that whistles ALL THE TIME!! This drives most of us crazy but because he is really a nice guy most of the time we don't want to hurt his feelings by telling him to knock that shit off!! Another thing he does is when he comes into the main part of the office (first I have to tell you that looking out of my office, I have all windows, floor to ceiling so that I can see what everyone is doing (or so they can see what I am doing) anyways, when he comes into the main building and is walking past my office he has to knock on every single window, both coming and going back. I try not to look up, thinking that eventually he will not try and get my attention but NO, he just does it again. Any ideas? I don't want to hurt his feelings but what to do, what to do?


Christa Ballew-Matthews said...

Karin, I am not sure how you stumbled upon my blog, but it sounds like your life is about as complicated as mine (and I don't have any grandkids!)

Keep up the good work with the little ones. It's tough especially with a full plate, but they'll always remember grandma (whether she has time to bake cookies or not).

Caro said...

Open your mouth real big and knock on your head with a "duh" look on your face.

He might not stop but it would be fun!

Weekends Off said...

There's not much you can probably do about that co-worker, some people just don't understand how annoying they can be!

I have blogged about my co-worker, she drives me insane daily so I can totally sympathize with you. I'll even TRADE ya!

I can take whistling so much better than the torture I receive!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!